BULLETIN NO. 14-15-007 DATE: 04/17/2015
TO: ALL ISR Affiliates
Subject: Upper Body Protection That Meets ISR Guidelines added HMK Protective Vest
Tek Vest
Alpinestars Bionic
Saf Jac
HMK Protective Vest

BULLETIN NO. 14-15-020 DATE: 02/24/2015
TO: ALL ISR Drag Racing Affiliates
Subject: Drag Racing/ Snow drag From 2013 book, omitted in transferring from text to web format.

BULLETIN NO. 14-15-019 DATE: 02/23/2015
TO: ALL ISR Hill Climb Racing Affiliates
Subject: Hillclimb , Mountain Cross Rules Meeting

BULLETIN NO. 14-15-018 DATE: 02/23/2015
TO: ALL ISR Affiliates
Subject: 600 cc Race Snowmobiles will be the format for Junior Novice classes

BULLETIN NO. 14-15-017 DATE: 02/23/2015
TO: ALL ISR Affiliates
Subject: 600 cc race snowmobileswill be the format for Transition classes

BULLETIN NO. 14-15-016 DATE: 02/20/2015
TO: ALL ISR Youth Racing Affiliates
Subject: Max-Torque, Kitty Cat Clutch Blue Spring


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