BULLETIN NO. 15-16-014 DATE: 07/07/2016
TO: ALL ISR Water Cross Affiliates
Subject: Handlebar Controls on WaterCross sleds.

BULLETIN NO. 15-16-012 DATE: 03/15/2016
TO: All Drag Race Affiliates
Subject: Drag racing minimum ride height clarification.

BULLETIN NO. 15/16-010 DATE: 02/24/2016
TO: ALL ISR Sno Cross and Cross Country Affiliates
Subject: Sno Cross and Cross Country Rules Meeting

BULLETIN NO. 15/16-009 DATE: 02/24/2016
TO: ALL ISR Oval / Enduro / Watercross Affiliates
Subject: Oval / Enduro / WaterCross Rules Meeting

BULLETIN NO. 15-16-011 DATE: 02/24/2016
TO: ALL ISR Youth Racing Affiliates
Subject: Youth / 120 / Kitty Cat Racing Rules Meeting

BULLETIN NO. 15-16-007 DATE: 02/24/2016
TO: ALL ISR Drag Racing Affiliates
Subject: Drag Racing Rules Meeting


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01-27-16 - Ski-Doo Dominates Pro Champ Podium at Wausau 525

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01-21-16 - MacDonald Wins Sweet Sixteen - Earns Best Career Finish

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01-21-16 - Schulz Takes Two at Season Opener in Ironwood

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